School Holiday Camps

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Please Note: Advanced Camps are only for riders who are established S4 and above

Camps at the National Equestrian Centre are a lot of fun. Everyone gets a pony or a horse to ride for the camp. For the four days of the camp it feels like you have your own pony. So, you learn to look after your pony.

That means:

  • Going up to the paddock each morning with your coach and catching your pony
  • Bringing him down to the tie rails and giving him some hay or a feed for breakfast.
  • Taking of his rug in winter the way your coach shows you
  • Giving him a really nice brush and cleaning out his feet
  • Saddling him up and putting the bridle on. Making sure you are not to rough with the girth and being gentle when you put the bridle on. Make sure your coach checks all your gear.
  • Now you are ready to have a lesson. It is important that you listen to everything your coach tells you and that you do as they ask. Your safety is important.
  • You can't ride all day and the ponies do get tired. So sometimes you will do theory work with your coach. This will be fun things:
    • like pulling your bridle apart and then trying to put it back together again
    • learning about the health of a horse
    • parts of the horse
    • watching videos
    • helping the coaches with some of their work.
  • After riding you need to take the saddle and bridle off your horse and give him a good brush
  • At lunchtime you will be hungry and so will your horse so we will either feed him or give him some hay and make sure he has water to drink. Don’t forget to take off his bridle and loosen his girth.
  • After lunch you will probably have another lesson, or maybe go for a trail ride.
  • Sometime during the week you will try vaulting, which is gymnastics on horseback and heaps of fun.
  • On the last day of camp all campers take part in a gymkhana. This is really good fun and the best part is you will get to give your pony a really good grooming, braid his/her mane and tail and make him/her look really special. Everyone will get a ribbon and after the gymkhana is over and you have put your pony/horse back into the paddock, you will have a party with lots of party food.